miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

subasta de dolares

La mayoría de inversionistas, ante incertidumbres con respecto a la moneda nacional (elecciones peruanas), deciden tomar al dolar como refugio, es decir empiezan a comprarlos.

Posteriormente, ante la escasez del dolar, este empieza a aumentar su valor (oferta y demanda: cada vez que escasea algún bien en el mercado, su valor tiende a subir).

Como consecuencia de este aumento de valor del dolar, la moneda nacional se devalúa con respecto al mismo: un dolar ya no va a costar 2.75, sino que puede llegar a costar 3,4, o 5 soles.

Ahora la moneda nacional (sol), con respecto al dolar, estará perdiendo posición. El dolar aumenta su precio y el sol pierde su valor (se devalúa).

Para detener la caída de la moneda nacional el BCR (BANCO CENTRAL DE RESERVA), sale a "subastar" los dolares que tiene como reserva en casos de crisis financiera; con el envío de dolares al mercado, al haber abundancia de estos, su precio empieza a bajar con respecto a la moneda nacional: el clima vuelve a la normalidad.

Sin embargo, no necesariamente funciona tan bien, ya que los inversionistas líderes pueden comprar nuevamente los dolares, generando que estos aumenten su valor, generando que el BCR realice la misma operación y así sucesivamente, generando un circulo vicioso :P


domingo, 17 de enero de 2010

Contemporary Aboriginal Art (AUSTRALIA)

It has been a long period of time since Geoffrey Bardon started his contribution to art in the forlorn resettlement community of Papunya, which was the beginning of the Contemporary Aboriginal Art. Nowadays, there are almost sixty Aboriginal Art Cooperatives, whose have organized, becoming a big source of incomes and the most prestigious way of Australian contemporary Art. Its particular style, using geometrical shapes in earth tones, curved lines and circles, has attracted a lot of collectors, whose have felt surprised about the rich culture behind every peace of work.
Current researches have allowed us to divide the development of Contemporary Aboriginal Art in four periods. The first one was characterized by a controversial debate among some community members about the secret rituals, whose were prohibited for woman and uninitiated boys. The second period was focus on traditional ritual practice just like agriculture and also, nature. The next period had its main source of incomes in the large-scale canvases. The last one, which goes until now, has included lower-quality commercial paintings, perhaps there are still many high quality works based on the old style. Also, one of the most radical changes is that woman are allowed to work on it.
So far, despite those specialists about Aboriginal Art, there are still many collectors who can’t define a well-executed work of this art or understand its meaning.

As far as I know, the Contemporary Aboriginal Art has been admired and studied by lots of artist, anthropologist and in general people who enjoy following the new “tendencies” of art. Moreover, Aboriginal people have done from their culture, a kind of well-paid work, which has allowed them to expand their culture while gaining some money.
Nevertheless, the most important lesson here is to respect native communities by trying to let them a reasonable space for their development as a culture. Otherwise, we would destroy their values and believes, which could produce resentment and rejection from these people to ways of civilization. Therefore, without respect and understanding we are not going to have the feedback we need between ancient cultures and our current establishment in order to get the productions of researchers and knowledge.

jueves, 12 de marzo de 2009


Two years ago, my grandmother suffered a stroke and she get into a vegetative state for a while and then she died. It was quite unexpected because she had been feeling well, even the day before we had celebrated her birthday and she was pretty enthusiastic about it. On the top of that, mi father had been travelling abroad because of his work and there was a problem with the company, which he was working, therefore we lost the communication with him. Consequently, everybody knows that someday he would have to call and we had to prepare for that moment. Finally, my mother talks with him and tries to say it quite carefully. In general, I can say that my grandmother’s dead changed my life in a way. I mean, this unfortunately situation made me stay aware about people who I love you as my relatives because nobody knows what it will happen on the future and at the same time I get a very strong empathic feeling because I was afraid about my father, I don’t know how he can react without people around who can support him.

READERS´S DIGEST.COM: TOP CHEF --- sumary and personal opinion about

Paula Deen is a sixty-two-woman who has achieved success professionally and personally. This funny and personable cook is the owner of two restaurants, two Food Network show, a magazine and eight cook-books included the one, which her two sons participated. Deen has became in a famous character, because of many points as his charismatic personality; the way she are putting in contact with her clients; the familiar environment she has got in his restaurant and the strong relationship between she and his family.
Perhaps, all in her life haven’t been happy events: she was agoraphobic (a kind of pathology, which produces a fear of open places), so Deen has to deal with this illness for many time, but the kitchen becomes in a kind of therapy for her.
Talking about the kind of food, which has became her in a kind of celebrity; it comes from a great tradition in his family, who are from the south of the country. Her grandmother taught her the best food is the simple one. Also she have bee trying to share the tradition with her sons: they have helped in the creation of a book (The Deen Family Cookbook) and the management of a restaurant.
Although there is a lot of popularity around her, she never has changed her personality. Even, she has been involving in the charity: she dropped off twenty-five thousand of proteins in the Savannah area.
The interview has been symptomatic of show a human been, who has really strong principles, although the great shadow of popularity around her can be overpowering. As fast as I’m concerned, in all the interview she shares with us her familiar environment: her interesting relationship with her sons , so that is showing the greatest ties of blood
In addition, one topic in the interview is the Authenticity or originality in the way she current, the type of food she makes and the methodology she use for teaching how to cook. From my point of view, this is the point that makes her attractive to people, who have felt in confidence and comfortable because of that.

sábado, 20 de diciembre de 2008


I really enjoyed this article because it supports a way of living. It could be an idealistic point of view, but these days people are completely disconnected from each other, I mean people don’t have a social aware: they just want to achieve their goals, even if somebody is hurt in the process. Although, greetings might not have a real meaning of respect or another good feeling from one side: for example people that greet someone just for custom; perhaps this way to act can create a real connection, because you are showing education, and that is symptom of an order in society, a kind of role that you must do, because you are a part of your community. Another point, which makes me think a lot, is the relevance of greetings in many environments: marriage; studies; friendship; self-esteem; and so on. Greeting shows a feeling about caring for others. As everybody knows, the egoism is the beginning of many disasters: wars, warming global and so on, perhaps a kind of cure for this situation could be starting to create relationships.


The article "HELLO EVERYBODY" on the reader´s digest magazine shows how the way you greet can make great good changes in any environment of your entire life. The author makes an analysis through eleven points that we have to know about the relevance of greetings in life. The first and the second points share what is the common perception of us like human beings in the social environment. It says that we usually just talk with somebody; when we want something to fulfil our goals. The following points show the achievements you will get if you greet people properly. All of these achievements are cause of the strong loop that you produce when you greet somebody. A good example of this is the growing of the productivity in the student when the teacher greets the students- 27 percent- . Another achievement you can get is the respect since the people towards you: if you greet someone, there is a great probability that people will see you more like a person, I mean a pleasant and safer person. Also, the greetings could help you to make much better the dialog in a marriage and make stronger the relationship, because the simple act to say hello is a mark of respect and makes a predisposition for beginning a conversation. The eleventh point and the last one, develops a particular point of view: a clinical one. It says that an appropriate greeting supposes a smile and this expression produces endorphins. This hormone has particular qualities: it can avoid sickness, it works as a great painkiller; It can avoid stress; and, in general, it boosts happiness. Finally, the author is looking for making usual the act of greeting people and yourself as a way to know yourself and create a strong social contact with your community and the world.